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At “the Podcast”, we strive to deliver high quality content that is aligned with the current needs of directors. We cover a variety of topics, from leadership strategies to the latest trends in management, all presented in a way that is easy to understand and apply. With Coaching for Directors “The Podcast”, you’ll be equipped with the tools you need to be a more effective leader and achieve your professional goals.


Coaching for Directors is the monthly Podcast with business and senior management topics made for you!


The last Tuesday of every month at 7PM we publish a new episode and you can listen and download them all for free.


As you enjoy each episode you acquire new skills to improve your management skills as a director.

We broadcast our podcast live on the last Tuesday of every month at 7PM GMT-6 (Central American Time).

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Coaching for Directors

“Top management is the only management”

Coaching for Directors

“Coaching for Directors” the Podcast is the monthly meeting promoted by Coaching Gerencial, the guidance, consulting and accompaniment service for directors.
In our podcast, we address crucial topics that can often take decades for managers to learn on their own. We managed to transfer this valuable information in 20 minutes or less. Our ability to synthesize is one of our biggest draws, allowing us to provide our listeners with the opportunity to accelerate their business growth in an impressive way. We seek to generate an intimate and educational experience, sharing, instructing and diversifying the range of knowledge that is usually limited in those managers who lack these skills.

We invite you to join us every month for a new episode of “Coaching for Directors” the Podcast!

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Coaching for Directors "The Podcast"
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